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Russian Roulette: The Curse of Inconsistent Focusing

I am currently on my third copy of a particular lens; one of the Sigma ‘Art’ series. Incredible build on this lens coupled with all-round solid performance across the entire zoom range. Remarkably, the lens is able to stop down to f1.8 (despite being a zoom). You can appreciate the criticality […]

Photo Editing: The Joy of White Balancing

  Have you ever climbed on a scale only to freak out on seeing your weight? “Surely, this can’t be me. I couldn’t possibly have piled on 10 pounds in 3 days!!!”   Ordinarily, it would seem like a perfectly normal workflow to just hop on the scale and get readings off. […]

Customer is King

[Disclaimer: Image above is in no way a reference to depicted clients’ conduct. Any inference is purely incidental]   If you’ve ever handled anything remotely close to a business, then you already know the golden rule: ‘The Customer is King’. That’s the beginning, centre point and closing chapter of business as […]

Speed Counts: Be Prepared

It’s easy for the pro shooter to get so caught up in the artistry of photography that (s)he forgets that it’s essentially still a business. While creativity is a critical ingredient for both hobbyist and the pro shooter, impetus flows rather differently in both cases.   Perfectly acceptable for the hobbyist to […]

Angels & Demons: Quick Rescue

  When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. In the  world of angels and demons, we as humans are grass. Fair game. The other night, I was up in a dark room shooting what I had been told was a ‘birthday party’. Turns out it was actually a costume birthday party. […]

Music: Expression of Self

[From the Home Directory] Though I comfortably straddle a few genres today, I’m always happy to declare that (photographing) music was my early love. That’s was where I ‘cut my teeth‘ in photography. I used to have to cover (portions of) the stage at concerts in the early days; almost like […]