Russian Roulette: The Curse of Inconsistent Focusing

I am currently on my third copy of a particular lens; one of the Sigma ‘Art’ series. Incredible build on this lens coupled with all-round solid performance across the entire zoom range. Remarkably, the lens is able to stop down to f1.8 (despite being a zoom). You can appreciate the criticality […]

Photo Editing: The Joy of White Balancing

  Have you ever climbed on a scale only to freak out on seeing your weight? “Surely, this can’t be me. I couldn’t possibly have piled on 10 pounds in 3 days!!!”   Ordinarily, it would seem like a perfectly normal workflow to just hop on the scale and get readings off. […]

Customer is King

[Disclaimer: Image above is in no way a reference to depicted clients’ conduct. Any inference is purely incidental]   If you’ve ever handled anything remotely close to a business, then you already know the golden rule: ‘The Customer is King’. That’s the beginning, centre point and closing chapter of business as […]

Speed Counts: Be Prepared

It’s easy for the pro shooter to get so caught up in the artistry of photography that (s)he forgets that it’s essentially still a business. While creativity is a critical ingredient for both hobbyist and the pro shooter, impetus flows rather differently in both cases.   Perfectly acceptable for the hobbyist to […]

Angels & Demons: Quick Rescue

  When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. In the  world of angels and demons, we as humans are grass. Fair game. The other night, I was up in a dark room shooting what I had been told was a ‘birthday party’. Turns out it was actually a costume birthday party. […]

Music: Expression of Self

[From the Home Directory] Though I comfortably straddle a few genres today, I’m always happy to declare that (photographing) music was my early love. That’s was where I ‘cut my teeth‘ in photography. I used to have to cover (portions of) the stage at concerts in the early days; almost like […]

Stamina: How To Outlast The Party

[from the Ope Idowu Gallery] You might get by with little motion doing portraits in the cozy confines of a studio. Make no mistakes, photographing an event is a different kind of beast altogether. It will stress you in more ways than one – and moving about is just one […]

Details: Making Mountains Out of Molehills

[from the TegaEnai Fashion Shoot] They say the devil’s in the detail. So it helps keep it in view. And, if you need another reason, make it the fact that they’re simply amazing. Detail shots are an easy way to give prominence to things that could easily be overlooked; talk of making mountains […]

Insistence: Fussing Your Way to Great Images

The last post touched on the power of anticipation; how it helps a lot to know what’s coming. But, one can’t always know! And even when we do, it’s can be really hard to get it perfectly right at once. Quite often, we have to ‘fuss about’ a bit until it’s right. So, today, I introduce […]

Two Kinds of Pictures: The Power of Anticipation

[from the BabyT Gallery] Depending on who you ask, you may find as many kinds of pictures as there are humans. Much of my work, however, revolves around two: the organic (beautiful and rare moments that could pass in a breath) and the scripted (pictures that are actually planned and posed for). You’d encounter countless […]